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HVAC Components

Our range of heating, ventilation & air conditioning equipment covers most applications from a simple residential wall fan or a ceiling sweep fan, through to sophisticated heat recovery, heavy duty de-stratification units & fan heaters suitable for commercial & industrial use.


We also provide a range of controllers & switches including single & three phase speed controllers, pressure switches, sensors along with accessories such as shutters, flexible connectors, sound attenuators & replacement filter packs.


Our HVAC products are popular because they provide a range of solutions to meet our customer requirements. Axial or  centrifugal fans of various specifications are available & equipment for installation in a variety of locations such as windows, recesses, roofs, walls or ceilings, from very low to extremely large air flows can be specified & supplied. A heavy duty commercial fan can be supplied quickly from stock at a competitive price. We offer equipment from respected industry names such as O.Erre, our own Anglo Selected range & fans from the Salda ventilation & accessories range.


We don’t solely sell our customers products ‘off the shelf’ - we’d be pleased to help you design an integrated HVAC system if you’d like this type of service. We’d be pleased to help you take advantage of the latest in ventilation technology; for example, ask us about our state of the art Tempero Eco Ceramic heat recovery fan, suitable for residential or commercial use & capable of recovering up to 90% of the usual heat lost from basic ventilation. This set up can be controlled with up to 16 units using a wireless system; ideal in applications where a ducted system isn’t possible.


Our full range of HVAC products is supported by our experienced customer service team. We’ll help you select the most appropriate equipment from our range, supply it quickly at a competitive price & supply consumables such as filters promptly. You can trust us to provide full professional technical support so your ventilation requirements continue to be met.



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